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Daylily BOGO Free Mixed Mahieu Spider – OUR CHOICE – Mixed spider varieties from award winner hybridizer Brian Mahieu. Bareroot & wrapped in high quality gardening mix. Zones 3-9.
**Please note that you only need to order ONE item for our BOGO plants and you will receive TWO of the Mixed Mahieu plant! These plants may or may not be the same! The second plant will automatically be added to your cart.**

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Bogo Mixed Mahieu Spider


Brian Mahieu began hybridizing in 1992 as a result of meeting Stewart and Mavis Smith. Brian had taken a very different approach to breeding daylilies. He would introduce the species back into his breeding program to regain the more natural form, re-harness the hardiness and vigor as well as bring back the fragrance many of the nocturnal blooming species have. The beauty of these daylilies are fascinating, with very tall scapes, unusual forms, lots of buds and branching.

The Mahieu daylilies pictured represent a small selection of possible varieties in the mix.

Low maintenance. Easy To Grow. Daylilies are some of the easiest perennials to grow and are a good choice for any gardener, from the beginner to the professional. These are tough, adaptable plants that will grow in any soil, from normal to slightly wet to dry. Older varieties are able to bloom if planted in partial shade, but most of the newer introductions need full sun for best performance. Likewise, older varieties tend to spread more rapidly than the newer hybrids.

All varieties can be divided every 3-4 years by digging up the entire clump and dividing it into smaller pieces with a minimum of 3 eyes each. This can be done in either spring or fall. Plants should be deadheaded for cosmetic purposes, but in most cases this will not extend the bloom time.

Garden Style:
Cottage, Eclectic
Other Uses:
Border Plant, Mass Planting, Salt Tolerant, Focal Point

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