Chaste Tree


VITEX agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’. 4-15′ tall, 4-12′ spread, full sun, mid-late summer bloom. Produces 12″ long clusters of fragrant lavender flowers that are quite attractive to butterflies and bees. In zones 6-7, it can be treated as a 4′ tall herbaceous shrub. In zones 7-9, it can be grown like a tree, reaching 10 to 15′ tall. Attracts hummingbirds & is bee friendly. Deer resistant. Zones 6-9. Potted in 1 quart pot.

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Vitex grow in full sun and very well-drained soils. Once established, you will probably never have to water them. In very cold winters in zones 6-7, vitex will freeze and die back to the ground and will need to be pruned back to the ground in early spring. They grow back quickly from the roots and will be in bush form unless you trim all but 1-3 stems and make it tree form. Bees absolutely LOVE this plant and it makes excellent honey plant. Remove spent flower spikes to promote more blooms.

Garden Style:
Cottage, Rock Garden, xeriscaping, Mediterranean
Other Features:
Heat Tolerant, Specimen, Focal Point

Plant Height 60 in
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