Thriller Lady’s Mantle

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A. mollis is a clump-forming perennial that spreads slowly by creeping rhizomes. It can be used as a groundcover, edging, or filler plant in the border. If it’s happy where it’s planted, this plant will reseed. From late spring to early summer, masses of finely textured, star-shaped, yellow-green flowers are held in small clusters above the foliage. They work well as a filler in cut flower bouquets or can be dried for fall and winter arrangements.

A. mollis will grow in nearly any moist, shady area that is well-drained. In the cooler summers of northern zones, they will grow in full sun if kept consistantly moist. In the south, they must be sheltered from the harsh afternoon sun and should be planted in fertile, moist soil. Bloom time may be reduced in hot climates. In the north, favorable conditions allow this plant to self-seed freely, with new plantlets popping up all around the original clump. They are easily lifted if they appear where they are not wanted. Because of the hairy foliage which traps water easily, it does not do well in areas where short, heavy downpours are immediately followed by hot, humid afternoons.

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Patio Container, Cottage, Eclectic
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Border Plant, Container, Cut Flower, Cut Foliage, Dried Flower, Easy To Grow, Edging, Mass Planting

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ALCHEMILLA m. ‘Thriller’. 15-20” tall, 18-24” spread, full sun-part shade, early summer bloom. 6” light green leaves are round with scalloped and toothed edges. The small, star-shaped blooms are chartreuse and very showy. Deer & rabbit resistant. Zones 3-8. Potted in 3″ pot.

Plant Height 13-24 in
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Fall, Spring, Summer