Red Velvet Canna

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3-4′ tall, 2-3′ spread, full-part sun, late spring-early fall bloom. Large, fiery red-orange flowers bloom atop dark bronze-purple foliage. Great for borders, raised beds and containers! Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer resistant. Zone: 8-11. Lift in fall or grow as an annual in colder zones. 1 Rhizome per bag.

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Cannas love full sun and require a minimum of four hours direct sunlight. They are hardy in zones 7 through 11. Plant canna roots 12-18 inches apart, covering with two inches of soil. Place the long part of the root horizontally in the ground with the eye up, if visible. They can be planted anytime after your last hard freeze. Plant in loose, fertile and well-drained soil.
For customers living in zones 2 through 6, there are two way to enjoy tropical cannas in your own garden; you can treat them as an annual and enjoy their beauty for a single season, or you can dig up the roots in the fall and replant them every spring.

Plant Height 49-60 in
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