Japanese Painted Fern


Perennial Japanese Painted Fern – fern ATHYRIUM n. ‘Pictum’. 2004 Perennial Plant of the Year®. 12-18″ tall, 24″ spread, part-full shade. Silvery-grey fronds that are dusty purple towards the center. Purplish-red veins and stems. Low, mounding habit, slowly spreading by rhizomes. Zones 3-8. Potted in 3” pots.

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Ferns grows best in moist soil with a neutral to moderately acidic pH. Partial to full shade is best; some sunlight is necessary to draw out the coloring. To protect the crowns and tender shoots in the spring, it is best to leave the old fronds on the plant over the winter. They can be removed in the spring when the new fronds reach 6 inches tall. If division is necessary, do so in the spring.

Garden Style:
Asian, Eclectic, Woodland Shade
Other Features:
Border Plant, Cut Foliage, Ground Cover, Attractive Foliage

Plant Height 13-24 in
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