Game Changer Picotee Hydrangea


Bushes Game Changer Picotee Hydrangea – HYDRANGEA spp Hyp. ‘Game Changer Picotee’. 24-30” tall, 30-36” spread, full morning sun-part afternoon shade, spring-fall bloom. Lacecap blossoms produce thousands of tiny flowers surrounded by large soft pink to white and blushed with rose edging. Game Changer is daylight neutral, meaning once the day length is sufficient, they continue into fall. Blooms on new wood. Zones 5-9.

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Hydrangea macrophylla is a big leaf hydrangea. The big leaf hydrangeas blooms are produced on old wood therefore should be pruned in summer after plants finish blooming and strong new shoots have developed from the base.
Depending on your soil Ph, your blooms will turn either pink (alkline) or blue (acidic). To change blooms to blue add aluminum sulfate or add lime to change blooms to pink. This should be done late fall or early Spring. Dead head spent flowers to promote more blooms. Make sure to prune out weak or damaged stems immediately.

Garden Style:
Cottage, Courtyard, Formal
Other Uses:
Hedges, Flowerbeds, Borders, Screens, Cut Flowers, Dried flowers, Easy Care, Gift Plant

Plant Height 25-36 in
Blooming Time

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