Gilbert H. Wild & Son

Do you enjoy purple and pink tones in your garden? I know I do at Moss Mountain Farm.

Combining blooms in our gardens from spring until fall can be challenging… even for us designers. This combination includes one of my favorites, the ‘Millennium’ Ornamental Onion. This unique perennial coupled with ‘PowWow White’ Coneflower’ and a few other friends such as ‘Centerpiece’ Chrysanthemum, ‘Orchid Annie’ Butterfly Bush, and ‘Royal Raspberry’ Hyssop are guaranteed to please!

‘Millenium’ Ornamental Onion
‘PowWow White’ Coneflower
‘Centerpiece’ Chrysanthemum
‘Royal Raspberry’ Hyssop
‘Orchid Annie’ Butterfly Bush

I hope you will consider adding them to your garden this season!