Starship Blue Cardinal Flower


LOBELIA s. ‘Starshipâ„¢ Blue’. 28-32″ tall, 18-20″ spread, part shade-full sun, midsummer-early fall bloom. Deep violet blue flowers are produced on incredibly upright flower spikes that rebloom better than other lobelia. Dark green foliage remains green through fall, does not take on bronze color. Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds & is bee friendly. Deer & rabbit resistant. Zones 6-10. Potted in 3″ pot.

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The perfect plant for damp locations such as near ponds or low-lying areas, Lobelia will easily adapt to ‘wet feet’ but can also tolerate well-drained soils. If enough moisture is available, it will grow in full sun. In drier soils, it should be planted in part shade. Deadheading spent blooms will improve the overall appearance of the plant and may promote reblooming. It’s a good idea to cut this plant back in the spring instead of the fall, since the foliage will help protect the root zone in the winter. Mulch is also recommended.

Plant Height 25-36 in

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