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AQUILEGIA ‘Kirigami Mixed’ 14-24″ tall, 12-20″ spread, full-part sun, spring bloom. Improved sport of ‘Origami’. Our choice of color variation- shades of blue, red and yellow. Up-facing blooms. Zones 5-9. Potted in 3″ pot.

**Note-item pictured may not be the same as the item you receive, our choice of color and variety**

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BOGO - Kirigami Mixed Columbine


Columbine is easy to grow in loose, average to rich, well-drained soil. Heavy or soggy soils will hasten their demise. They can be grown in full sun or partial shade, though light shade will prolong the flowering time. In the fall, cut plants back to their basal foliage.

In the spring, remove only the dead leaves. Columbine is sometimes affected by leaf miners. If this happens, cut the foliage all the way back to the ground and discard it. Healthy, new growth will emerge quickly. Propagate by sowing named seed rather than by division; mature plants do not like to be disturbed.

Garden Style:

Patio Container, Cottage, Eclectic, Woodland Shade

Other Features:

Border Plant, Cut Flower, Easy To Grow, Mass Planting, Salt Tolerant

Plant Height 13-24 in
Blooming Time



Hardiness Zones

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