Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass


Grass Karl Foerster Feather Reed – Tall. CALAMAGROSTIS a. ‘Karl Foerster’. 5’ tall, 2’ spread, full sun. A cool season, clumping grass. Compact, erect growth habit. Magnificent, wheat-like seed heads appear in late spring and last all season long. Does not reseed. A good choice for heavy clay soils. Deer resistant. Zones 4-8. Potted in 3″ pot.

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C. ‘Karl Foerster’ prefers sunny, dry conditions. It can be grown in nearly any soil, including heavy clay. Be sure to provide plenty of moisture in extremely hot weather. Cut back to 6 in. in spring before new growth begins. Propagate by division in either spring or fall.

Garden Style:
Eclectic, Woodland Shade
Other Uses:
Border Plant, Cut Flower, Cut Foliage, Dried Flower, Easy To Grow, Attractive Foliage, Mass Planting, Salt Tolerant, Specimen, Focal Point

Plant Height 49-60 in
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