Globe Thistle


ECHINOPS ritro. 24-36″ tall, 24″ spread, full sun, midsummer-early fall bloom. Globular, spiky violet-blue flower heads. Excellent in cut and dried bouquets. Rabbit resistant. Zones 3-8. Potted in 3″ pot.

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Echinops is best when grown in poor, well-drained soil and full sun. However, it will tolerate almost any soil and part shade. To encourage rebloom in the fall and to prevent self-seeding, spent flowers should be removed.

Mature plants 3 or more years old may be propagated by removing the small plantlets surrounding the main clump of foliage and replanting them. This may be done in either spring or fall.

Plant Height 25-36 in

Blooming Time




Growth Rate

Hardiness Zones

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Sun Exposure

Water Needs


When to plant

Fall, Spring, Summer