Dark Secret Asiatic Lily


Asiatic. 3-4′ tall with early-midsummer bloom. Dark red, almost black blooms add drama to your garden. Bright orange stamens stand out against the dark color. Unscented.

Great cut flower. Plant in full sun. Zones 3-10. 3 bulbs per package. 12/14cm bulb.

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Asiatic lilies have dependable color and have the most reliability in even the most severe climates. Found in the widest ranges of colors, hybridizers have developed blossoms in all shades and combinations, except the elusive color blue. They multiple well and while most are unscented, some have a slight fragrance. Hardy in zones 3-10.

Asiatics like well-drained soils in full sun. Although full sun until mid-afternoon is optimal, lilies will perform quite acceptably with filtered sunlight or partial shade. Lilies in shade will tend to reach for the sun and may require staking for support. Avoid planting near walks or walls that reflect the hot afternoon sun.

Cover the nose of the bulb with 3 to 5 inches of soil. This allows for good stem rooting and protects against winter cold. Plant pointed end up.

Lilies like cool roots. Planting with shallow rooted ground covers or among other perennials helps shade the soil and looks nice. Lilies are extremely hardy, but in the coldest areas a mulch of straw or pine needles provides added insurance against winter injury. Mulches also keep the soil moist and cool in summer.

A handful of bone meal mixed in the soil at planting gives the bulbs a good start. Lilies benefit from a feeding in the early spring and prior to their active growth. Use a balanced mix such as 10-10-10, or a plant food developed for bulbs. Avoid heavy feeding with high nitrogen fertilizers as it makes them susceptible to disease and can cause the foliage to burn. Do not use manures!

Lilies are dormant at the time of shipment. Plant them right away. Bulbs can be stored in the refrigerator or other cool place (34 to 40 degrees F) until planting. Unlike other bulbs, lilies are never completely dormant and should be planted as soon as possible after receipt. Sprouting should occur in just a few weeks and glorious flowers within months.

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