Angel Eyes Hibiscus


Bushes HIBISCUS Angel Eyes – HIBISCUS ‘Angel Eyes’ PPAF. 5’ tall with equal spread. full sun-part shade, midsummer-early fall bloom. One of the earliest hardy hibiscus to flower. 8″ bright white flowers have raspberry red eyes that radiate out through the petals. Broad green foliage on red stems make up a well-rounded habit. Very fast grower. Zones 4-9.
Attracts hummingbirds & is bee friendly. Deer resistant. Potted in 3” pots.

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Hibiscus love the sun and need moist, well-drained soil. Keeping these plants watered will result in larger flowers and lush foliage. Deadheading will improve the appearance of the plant. It is best to plant Hibiscus in the garden before the heat of the summer arrives, and should be heavily mulched the first winter. In spring, cut back any remaining stems before new growth appears. A strong pair of loppers or a saw will be necessary to cut this plant back. Be advised that Hibiscus is always one of the last perennials to emerge in spring. Its vigorous growth rate more than makes up for this late start, however. Japanese beetles find these plants especially delicious.

These North American native plants bring massive, tropical-looking flowers all the way to zone 4. Although later to emerge than most perennials in spring, these are fast growing plants capable of adding an inch of new growth a day. Excellent at brightening up end of season gardens.

Garden Style:
Cottage, Eclectic, Rain Garden
Other Features:
Bog Plant, Border Plant, Specimen, Focal Point

Plant Height 60 in
Blooming Time




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Hardiness Zones

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Water Needs

When To Plant

Spring, Summer, Fall