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Peonies FAQ and Growing Tips

P. Allen Smith will discuss tips for planting trees and shrubs. From learning how to prune roses to planting different tree varieties.

Topics Include:

01:05 Tips for Pruning Roses
05:00 Growing Yaupon Holly
06:56 Making Yaupon Tea
08:23 Fig & Walnut Torta Recipe
13:29 Growing Moon Tree
15:31 Dardanelle Champion Trees

P. Allen Smith is a landscape and garden designer, horticulturist, preservationist and television host. His passions span the subjects of community, health, sustainability and history. He has designed the grounds at many of the nation’s most notable estate properties, townhomes, and commercial complexes. And, for over 19 years, he has shared his green knowledge and insight with the public via ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, his own PBS television, and six book titles. Currently, Allen is focused on residential, commercial and community designs that are beautiful, improve our contentedness, and our social and physical health.

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