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Companion plants for ornamental grass by P. Allen Smith

I have noticed throughout the years that color is usually the first thing people notice in the garden, and choosing plants in pleasing color combinations can be difficult, even for experienced gardeners. 


Ornamental grasses like this ‘Hello Spring’ Feather Reed Grass are such a versatile addition to the garden. They can be used to add texture, height, and harmonizing color. They are always stylish whether planted in combination with bold foliage, intricate flowers, or fantastically colored blooms. I have picked out some unique varieties for this companion planting from Moss Mountain Farm. I hope you enjoy them!


‘Hello Spring’ Feather Reed Grass


‘Cat’s Pajamas’ Catmint


‘Seventh Heaven’ Shasta Daisy


‘Prime Time’ Russian Sage


‘Heavenly Angel Ice’ Daylily


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I hope you will consider adding them to your garden this season!






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